Kalitta Cargo

121 Fleet

Kalitta Charters II maintains a fleet of B-727 and DC-9 all cargo aircraft.

Aircraft Highlights & Information

  • (6) Boeing 727-200F aircraft
  • (1) DC-9-15F aircraft
  • (1) DC-9-32F aircraft
  • Dedicated heavy maintenance facility
  • Full-time ride-on mechanics
  • Computerized weight & balance program
  • Computerized flight planning E-mailed directly to the aircraft
  • Laptops, printers, satellite phone & internet on aircraft
  • Full fly-away kits with flight-critical spares on-board
  • Fully Stage III compliant
  • Dispatch center manned 24/7/365
  • Maintenance control manned 24/7/365
  • Experienced in operating with scheduled carriers (Menlo/UPS/BAX/DHL)

Fleet Opportunities for Various Missions

  • Heavyweight 727 (#198,000) aircraft with Long Range Fuel Systems,
    -15 Powered
  • Heavyweight 727 (#198,000) aircraft with Bulk Load Floor Systems,
    -15 Powered
  • Heavyweight DC-9 (#114,000) with Bulk Load Floor Systems,
    -15 Powered
  • Standard weight, JT8D-9 Powered aircraft available for lower fuel burns
  • Equipped with Dual HF’s & Rafts for over-water operations
  • Available aircraft with FM immunity for European Radio Spacing Requirements
  • True worldwide dual RNP navigation systems
  • Fully RVSM and TAWS equipped
  • Interiors easily configured for bulk, LD containers or custom requirements

Operational Readiness

  • Aircraft can be wheels-up within two hours’ notification for ad-hoc flights
  • Multiple crews per aircraft available to facilitate high utilization
  • Currently running scheduled operations and ad-hoc flights
  • Single or multiple aircraft available depending on the needs of the contract
  • Support and back-up aircraft for contract and ad-hoc flights

* Not all aircraft have all options listed installed – our experienced staff will help you select the best-equipped aircraft based on your shipment requirements