Kalitta Cargo



Kalitta Charters maintains current contracts with the U.S Department of Energy (DoE).

The primary function of these contracts is to provide emergency airlift for DoE Emergency Response Teams (ERT) in the event of a nuclear incident or accident within the continental United States or near-offshore locations.  Kalitta Charters is the DoE’s first source for the movement of mission-critical cargo to support the ERTs.

In order to operate as an air carrier for DoE critical missions, whether flying passenger or cargo-configured aircraft, Kalitta Charters must meet a strict set of DoE guidelines.  DoE audits are conducted at Kalitta Charter facilities to ensure compliance and readiness in the event that emergency airlift is needed.

In addition to ERT obligations for the DoE, Kalitta Charters is also the first source for ad-hoc air charters for passengers and cargo at several facilities.