Kalitta Cargo

135 General Service Overview

Kalitta Charters specializes in moving your cargo quickly, safely and efficiently.

We are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration as a Part 135 air carrier (click here to see a copy of our FAA certificate) and we are authorized to operate in countries around the globe. Our aircraft are maintained in strict accordance with Federal Regulations to ensure not only the safety of your cargo, but to ensure that all our flights operate as planned, without any unnecessary delays, and that your cargo is delivered on time. We also train our flight crews to the highest standards using modern classrooms and Advanced Flight Simulators.


We have been authorized and chosen by the United States Government to operate critical flights for disaster relief in the United States with FEMA and internationally with USAID. We also support critical operations for the Department of Justice.


Kalitta Charters is experienced in carrying a wide variety of cargo. In addition to everyday freight, we have a great deal of experience moving live animals including marine mammals, cats destined for commercial stardom, and waterfowl. We are authorized to carry HAZMAT (click here to see our authority) and are one of a select group of airlines authorized to transport Category 1 explosives. We also specialize in urgent transfers such as human organ procurement, where timing and coordination are critical.


Kalitta Charters maintains an international database of aircraft handlers, freight loaders, and ground transportation agents to facilitate a complete door-to-door expedite. We have the capability to secure specialty equipment, arrange courier accommodations, and have additional security in place when needed.
To make sure your flight operates smoothly, it is carefully monitored at all times by our Flight Operations team. This includes a fully redundant operations center that can pinpoint the location of your aircraft anywhere in the world in real-time.


At Kalitta Charters, we pride ourselves on being responsive to the needs of our customers. Because we specialize in ‘on-demand’ charters, we can have one of our planes airborne and on its way to pick up your time-critical cargo in just 45 minutes.


If you need more than just a one-time trip, we can do that too. We offer aircraft for both short-term and long-term contracts. Currently we operate several aircraft on long-term contracts providing the critical lift capability that keeps these customers and their businesses running smoothly.

Whether you have five or 5,500 pounds of freight, five hours or five days to move it, at a large city airport or a smaller municipal airport, we’ll get it there… on time, any time.