Kalitta Cargo

Why Kalitta Cargo?


Since 1967, the Kalitta family name has been associated with excellence in the air transport of critical cargo. The experience acquired in nearly five decades of cargo operations, along with recurrent training requirements for flight operations (dispatch) personnel ensure that Kalitta Charters is the most highly experienced non-scheduled cargo air charter operator in the world.

Which is why, on the night of September 11, 2001, when all commercial airspace over the U.S. was closed, the only commercial aircraft aloft had the name Kalitta painted on its side. Out of all commercial air carriers, Kalitta was chosen to fly a planeload of medical supplies and whole blood products from Los Angeles to New York for the relief and life-saving efforts at Ground Zero.

We’ve got it covered

Operations personnel at Kalitta Charters include FAA Licensed Dispatchers, NOAA Surface Weather Observers, Certified Hazmat Specialists, FAA Licensed Airplane and Helicopter Pilots, FAA Licensed Mechanics and CDL Licensed Drivers with over two hundred years of combined experience. We even have a Licensed Locomotive Engineer on staff! In short, there are no surprises at Kalitta Charters. If we haven’t already made it happen, we certainly know how to make it happen.

In our nearly five decades of operations, we have transported virtually every type of cargo imaginable. Some of our more interesting freight has included:

  • A weather station to Brazil
  • Live rockets to the White Sands Missile Test Range
  • Oil field equipment to Yellowknife, Halifax and Caracas
  • Precision blasters and dynamite to Juneau, Alaska
  • Planeloads of explosive materials to Scotland
  • Penguins to San Diego, manatees to Orlando and whales to Cleveland
  • Radioactive materials

With worldwide operating authority, Kalitta has flown to every continent and almost every nation on the planet. All Kalitta Charters’ aircraft have landing rights at any U.S. military installation worldwide.

Experience runs deep here with the Kalitta family and safety is always of paramount importance. We care about our customers, we care about our employees, and we care about being the air cargo carrier of choice. This unique combination has created the one air cargo carrier that you can count on for the safe and timely delivery of your critical cargo regardless of its size, destination or timetable.